best foundations for mature skin

Top 5 Best Foundations for Mature Skin


As we age, our skin changes alongside our bodies, with each year bringing some subtle and other more noticeable differences. With time, aging symptoms like sunspots, fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of elasticity all become more apparent, and when this happens, you’ll likely realize that the products you once relied on no longer work as effectively.

Among beauty products for mature skin, foundation remains one of the most essential. And just as we upgrade our skincare routines, it’s important to reassess whether our favorite foundations still meet our needs.

Having explored several foundations, considering specific characteristics, like their brightening effect, sun protection, and hydration capabilities, we’ve created an all-you-need-to-know guide on foundations and a list of the top five best foundations for mature skin.

Why Do Mature Skin Need Foundation?

Foundations are liquid, cream, or powder makeup applied to the face and neck to create an even, uniform complexion, cover flaws, and occasionally alter skin tone. Over time, our skin tends to dry out more quickly, and we often have more visible “flaws” like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and dullness. As such, identifying the proper foundation for your skin can help address the prevalent changes that come with age.

Regarding the dryness often associated with mature skin types, dermatologists generally recommend hydrating well with skincare before applying foundation. Choosing lightweight, buildable formulas with hydrating ingredients is also helpful as they add luminosity and moisturize the skin simultaneously.

That said, the best foundations for mature skin go beyond its hydrating capabilities. It’s crucial to choose formulas that don’t settle into the skin and create creasing along fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, look for multitasking formulas that provide mature skin with extra benefits and work perfectly with your skin type.

Types of Foundation

Foundations come in different forms, but four specific types stand out as the most prevalent: liquid, powder, stick, and cream foundations. Let’s look into each and their unique benefits.

  • Liquid Foundation

As the name suggests, these are liquid and work well for all skin types. However, it’s particularly beneficial for dry and mature skin due to its hydrating capabilities. Liquid foundation is best used to build coverage, with a little quantity sufficient to get the desired sheer and smooth coverage.

If you prefer full coverage, you can always add more. Whichever the case, always consider lightweight options formulated with hyaluronic acid. This ensures the foundation feels comfortable, effectively smoothens aging symptoms, and moisturizes the skin.

  • Powder Foundation

The powder foundation will be a better option if you prefer a flawless matte finish. Powder foundations are easy to apply, lightweight, and can soak up any excess oil your skin may have, making them more practical for oily skin. Most of these foundations are mineral-based, so folks with sensitive skin can use them.

That said, its lightweight nature means these powders last only for a while. Also, powder foundations could make fine lines, wrinkles, and dry patches more noticeable if you don’t prep or hydrate the skin enough.

  • Serum Foundation

Serum foundations are another popular choice for their multitasking abilities. These formulations combine the ability to smoothen the skin with several skincare benefits, like anti-aging, protection from environmental stressors, and hydration. Typically, serum foundations are used with moisturizers to create a tint.

  • Cream Foundation

Finally, cream foundations are soft emollients that blend into the skin for a smooth, hydrated finish. These formulas are also easy to apply and are generally highly pigmented to provide extensive coverage, making them ideal for dry and mature skin types. On the other hand, folks with oily skin should stay away from cream foundations. Their creamy texture also means they crease easily, particularly in humid conditions. 

Some beauty brands also formulate their foundations as tinted oils for ultra-dry skin types, in a stick design for convenience, and super lightweight whipped mousse for oily skin. These varieties help to create a foundation texture and type for all skin types and needs. However, considering the prevalent needs for mature skin types, here are our five best options:

Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation – Best Overall Pick

The Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation is our pick as the overall best foundation for mature skin. This product features nourishing and hydrating ingredients that work best for mature skin types that are more prone to dryness. The Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation stands out for its impressive ability to quickly smooth the skin, with only a few dabs needed for good coverage.

Additionally, this foundation comes in 45 shades, making it easier to find an option that perfectly matches your skin tone. It’s also formulated for use on the face and body and can cover blemishes on the face, neck, arm, and even legs, making it a very versatile option and a must-have product for mature skin.

Chanel Ultra Le Teint Flawless Finish Foundation – Best Full Coverage

Considering mature skin types are most susceptible to skin flaws, full coverage foundations have become quite prevalent among this demographic. Full coverage foundations are formulated to hide blemishes, even the skin tone, and cover skin flaws to create an even complexion. And not many products achieve these benefits like the Chanel Ultra Le Teint Flawless Finish Foundation.

The Chanel Ultra Le Teint Flawless Finish Foundation provides full coverage while also feeling very lightweight and creamy on the face. It requires minimal effort to blend over the skin and settles quickly without creasing to maintain a long-lasting, smooth complexion. While it’s not exactly hydrating, it doesn’t dry the skin out either, and its lightweight and effectiveness make it our pick as the best full coverage foundation for mature skin.

L’Oréal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation – Best Drugstore Foundation

The L’Oréal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation is an affordable, accessible, and top-quality option specially formulated for mature skin. This foundation contains SPF, hydrating serum, and vitamins to even skin tones, smooth fine lines, and keep the face hydrated.

Its lightweight coverage and high SPF make it a great option to use daily and capable of withstanding hot and humid conditions. All these features combine to make the L’Oréal Age Perfect Radiant Serum Foundation the best drugstore foundation for mature skin. However, its lighter nature means you have to apply multiple layers for fuller coverage.

The Good Mineral Loves-You-Back 3in1 Mineral Powder Foundation – Best Powder Foundation for Mature Skin

The Good Mineral Loves-You-Back 3in1 Mineral Powder Foundation works as a foundation, concealer, and powder for mature and sensitive skin. The product contains no fillers and nanoparticles, ensuring it does not penetrate the skin or clog pores. Instead, this 3-in-1 mineral powder foundation creates a physical protective barrier that provides natural coverage.

The formula contains concentrated pigments, allowing minimal application for adequate coverage. It comes in 12 adaptable shades, with each shade containing a varying number of active ingredients. This feature not only makes it perfect for sensitive and reactive skin but also makes it the best powder foundation for mature skin.

Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Foundation SPF40 – Best Serum Foundation

If you’re looking for an option with little coverage and high nourishing capabilities, the Bobbi Brown Intensive Serum Foundation SPF40 is the perfect choice. The lightweight texture of this serum foundation absorbs quickly into the skin, instantly providing a subtle, natural finish.

Like most serums, this foundation contains anti-aging ingredients and vitamins to nourish mature skin and protect against environmental stressors. Additionally, it’s formulated with SPF 40, providing comprehensive protection against UV radiation. 

What to Consider in Selecting One

There are several foundations in the market today, and deciding the best option can be tricky. However, like any other skincare product, your selection process should emphasize your specific needs and consider the type of product that can address these needs.

As we’ve seen, foundations come in different types, each perfect for specific needs. For instance, tinted moisturizers are very lightweight and great for daily application, while liquid foundations provide more extensive coverage but should not be used daily. Your choice should depend on your unique needs.

The ingredients contained in these foundations are also essential, considering the texture and dryness of mature skin. You should always consider products with vitamins, anti-aging, and hydrating ingredients to nourish and moisturize the skin.

Ultimately, finding the right foundation for mature skin can significantly enhance your youthful complexion, and our top five picks, each representing the prevalent foundation types, are excellent options to explore. Whether you’re looking for a dewy finish with extra skincare benefits or something more lightweight, there’s always a perfect option.